Frequently Asked Questions

How can you manufacture shutters so quickly?

custom machinery to ensure a perfect shutter

Two reasons…

▸ Decades of experience designing plantation shutters. Large openings and complex shapes are not a problem for us.

▸ A factory, custom machinery, and skilled craftsmen who’s only product is plantation shutters.

That’s why we can install your shutters in 4 weeks from the time your order is accepted. We handle every aspect of your order in-house.

Why do you use Basswood for all your shutters? What’s the difference?

Basswood is superior in every way to pine and composite materials.

  • It is much lighter, which prevents warping and makes shutter installation easier.
  • It will not split, crack, bleed sap, or delaminate.
  • Basswood’s fine wood grain makes for better looking shutters.

What areas to you serve?

Our standard installation area includes the following counties in California…

  • Alameda County
  • Contra Costa County
  • Monterrey County (north of Soledad)
  • San Benito County
  • San Joaquin County (Tracy area)
  • San Mateo County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Santa Cruz County

We can provide services outside of this area, but additional fees will apply.

I have questions about my window openings.

We include our Measurement & Installation Service to ensure your shutters will be a perfect fit.

We will come to your home or project site, go over any questions, review shutter style options, get the exact dimensions of your window openings, and ensure the shutters will work as envisioned.

Once the shutters are ready, we will deliver and professionally install them, ensuring a perfect fit.

How does the Measurement Service work?

person measurng window opening with tape measureOur Measurement and Installation Service is included in the price of our shutters. Here are the details.

If you know the size of your window openings, we can give you a rough cost estimate over the phone. Give us a call at (408) 942-1372

The next step is for us to come to your home or job site, review your needs, take all needed measurements, and provide you a firm price quote. The fee for this Measurement Service is $250 to guarantee the perfect window fit.

If you decide to purchase your shutters, this fee will be applied in full to the cost of your shutters. When the shutters are manufactured, we will contact you to confirm the installation date & time.

Are you able to process Rush orders?

We can usually accommodate Rush orders, but there may be additional fees. Contact us with your requirements.

open shutters covering french doors with cutouts for the door handlesCan you do color matching?


In addition to 12 standard colors, we can match your color sample using advanced computer mixing technology.

I still have questions.

Not a problem. Contact us and we’ll be glad to answer them.